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This explains how to approve a Journal Voucher in your queue.


There is an online training that shows the Journal Voucher process step-by-step. This can be accessed by visiting The Controller's Office Website Training Page

    1. Once you're on The Controller's Office Website Training Page, click on the text bar that says 'Journal Vouchers'
    2. Click the 'Click here to access the training' bar, this will redirect you to what is called the ILS (Institutional Learning System).
    3. On the right hand side of your screen you'll see a blue 'Enroll' button, click to enroll in order to access training videos
    4. We recommend that users watch the full 28 minute training
      1. Towards the bottom of the list of training videos, you'll find two videos specifically directed towards approving Journal Vouchers:
        1. Journal Voucher Approval (4 mins long)
        2. Journal Voucher Self-Service Banner (3 mins long)

Journal vouchers can be approved by following either of the two processes below:

  1. Approve through Banner/Application Navigator (see the instructions above to watch the 'Journal Voucher Approval' (4 min) video to be trained on how to approve JVs by using Banner Pages.


  2.  Approve through Banner SSB (Access)
    1. Login to Banner SSB

      1. Select USU Access to go to the login screen
    2. Click on the "Finance" tab 

      1. If you do not see the Finance tab, send an email requesting access to
    3. Click on "Approve Documents"
      1. It should automatically populate your A#
    4. Click "Submit Query"
    5. It should return a list of all journal vouchers pending your approval.
      1. Click on the Document Code to view the details.
      2. If everything looks correct, click the back arrow on your browser
      3. Click the "Approve" next to the Document you'd like to approve
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