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Welcome to The IEEE Student Branch Wiki. The purpose of this wiki is to allow the IEEE Council to share and record useful information for future use. And of course, it would not be a wiki if we did not give everyone the ability to edit it! Just log in with your A number and password to use basic editing tools. IEEE Branch leaders can also unlock additional features for other council members. Also, it should be impossible to delete anything from the wiki since we can restore to any previous version. That's the beauty of wikis! 

Space contributors



taylor was here


Page Tree: This Area updates automatically as pages are added to this space. 

How-To Articles

IEEE Projects

This area is for storing resources for IEEE Projects that are in various stages of development.


Running the Branch

This area of the wiki is meant to hold pages general notes on the branch. Basically anything that doesn't fit in the other areas.


Student Professional Awareness Conference and all that goes with it.

USU IEEE Positions



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